I'm Clive Marshall and I have been a photographer for forty years. My passion for the medium began whilst I studied Graphic Design at university. It was there that I learnt the techniques of wet darkroom printing. The truth is that I spent far more time in the darkroom of the university than at my easel in the studio.

Black and white photography still makes up the large proportion of my work. These days though the wet darkroom has been replaced with a digital workflow. 
My photographs have featured in exhibitions; the Royal Shakespeare Company have used my work and I have also been published in photographic magazines.
I was awarded a Licentiateship by the Royal Photographic Society in 2016.
On this website, you will find a link to my blog, A Sensored-View, which is updated every week with some of my images and discussions. Should you so wish, you can get in touch with me via 'contact'. My photographs are divided into two self-explanatory sections, Monochrome and Colour. There is also a link called Photozine, which will take you to a free, downloadable monthly digital publication. Finally, clicking on Portfolio will show a gallery of my images.

I hope you enjoy my photography. 

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